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                  Malcom Crittenden was born February 24th, 1987 in Historic Selma, Al. At a very young age he grew a passion for music and rhyming. By the time he reached high school he and his close friends started a group. During this time he realized he and his friends had a special talent with making music. In college malcom took his music a step further, and started a record label (Money All Day Everyday) which he co owns with two of his high school classmates(J-Purk& P-Air). This is when the name M-See was born. He then released his first album “Fresh Off Pluto”. Fresh Off Pluto reach new milestones by having the single Money Don’t Fold to get radio play. M-See graduated from college where he received a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Alabama A&M. After college he moved back to Selma and began work on his second album. By this time M-See was known for his ability to write his verses with no pen or pad, just memory. M-See released his second album “Malcom X, A Soulful Experience” which also got radio play from its single Celebration. A year and a few months later M-See released his third Project "Soul Food, Music For The Soul". After the release of his third album M-See moved to the mecca of southern music, Atlanta GA. Soul Food is Music that is made for the enjoyment of the soul. With M-See’s unmatched punch lines, unpredictable delivers, and soulful substance he is defiantly a force to be reckoned for the music industry. With his passion for music, M-See vowed to always make music that can be felt, not just heard. M-See’s one goal is to affect his listeners in a positive manner.

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