The Source

Alkaline Lyfe water is sourced from a beautiful spring in Georgia that is a historical landmark. For hundreds of years, the Cherokee nation used this spring as their primary water source. When the famous Spanish explorer de Soto came through the area, local chieftains spoke of the "spring of life".  de Soto thought he had stumbled upon the mythical "fountain of youth" he had heard so much about. During the civil war, both sides pitched camps at the historical spring to restock and resupply their water wagons with its crystal clear water. In 1864, the spring received the coveted historical landmark it so deserved, thus commemorating their most vital need. For hundreds of years, our spring has pushed forth millions and millions of pure water, from hundreds of feet beneath the earth, flowing on average, 12 million gallons of water daily. Our production facility draws directly from the center of the water column at a very nice 54 degrees year round. We are proud of our water, our staff and our facilities. We have a state certified water operator and lab analyst on staff, ensuring our testing and production meets all the CFR 21 federal and state standards.


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